Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I haven't soaped for quite some time.  I have been so busy at work.  I wanted to post a pic of my peony soap bar.  This was a 3 day process.  First I piped the flowers and leaves, then I made the bar soap.  Then I frosted, piped, and assembled the bars.  My wrists were sore by the time I got to my 20th bar and it showed on my base piping.  I was a bit overzealous with this project.  I think I made 32 peony soap bars.  If I ever try something like this again.  I will keep it down to 12 bars. 
This is my Pink Berry Mimosa Cupcake Soaps.  They smell wonderful.  I made them for a baby shower for a lady at work.  They were supposed to be party favors.  The baby shower never happened so I now have plenty of these cupcakes just sitting on my curing shelf.  I gave some out to friends as gifts.  Not sure what I will do with the rest of them.
I had to take a lot of my soaps off the curing racks and put them away in boxes.  I think that is why I stopped soaping for a while.  I just have so much and don't have anywhere to store all of them.  I sell a few now and then.  I wish I had weekends off.  I would set up a booth at the flea market down the street and sell the soap there.  So not only do I have a lot of supplies for making soaps, I have too much soap already made. 

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